Tuesday, May 31, 2011

If a picture says a thousand words...


  1. Holy cow, that's not renovation, that's demolition 101! You guys are redoing the whole place! I've done things bit by bit over the past decade, but your way is MUCH faster. Sure looks fun! Kind of jealous. hehe. If I didn't have a chicken coop to build...

  2. Want to trade?! I'm eager to get started on a coop. I'm so done with worrying about the renovation! I want to be moved in already! haha!

    Thankfully, I have the easy job. I've done the shopping already for all of the miscellaneous goodies that go along with something like this. And now I just wait for the people with the tools to make it happen. :) I am completely geeking out about this though, it is pretty cool to see the inside of this old house. It's kind of emotional for us, to see her bones and to know she's going to be even better for us.

    Tomorrow- sealing the cinder block!