Friday, January 30, 2009

Why Hello, Blog!

Fancy meeting you in a place like this!

Life has been a blur. A mix of work, school, and wedding planning.. mixed with a good dose of babies, medical issues and a slight struggle with mild depression. It's the end of January, and the world is still marching onward.

Speaking of marching... I want to elope desperately. I want to run off to Thailand, get married by the Andaman Sea in a Buddhist temple... The only thing in our registry would be hope for a more exotic life. Val wants to make me an honest woman in the most honest of ways- a classic church in a historical town. Herein lies the beauty of our pairing.

He is calm, thoughtful, meticulous. I am brash, irritable, impulsive. He has toned me down to be a better functuning member of the human population. Ah, to love and be loved.