Sunday, April 27, 2008

Wedding Details

We've decided to get married at the Thornewood Castle in Lakewood, WA. After viewing it today in person, we watched There Will Be Blood. Ironically enough, the castle is actually featured at the end of the film.

Nothing in the world quite like looking at your sweetie and at the screen, knowing that next year you'll be married at that very location.

Here are some pictures that I took this afternoon of the castle.

Love is in the details.

I got engaged on a sea plane.

It's just as awesome as it sounds.

In honor of Valentine's day and our monthiversary, Val had made scheduled a tour of the Seattle area via seaplane and set a reservation at McCormick & Schmidt's directly following.

I should have noticed how nervous the poor guy was. And normally people don't tear up when the plane is taking off... but he was all sorts of romantic and nervous looking. I figured he was just excited to be flying on a float plane!

So while we were mid-air and just after passing a gorgeous lighthouse, he tapped me on the shoulder. I look over and he has an open ring box in his hands. He had tears in his eyes and asked... "Will you?"

I just stared. I was stunned.

After a few moments he told me to try it on, and it's been sitting on my pretty little hand ever since.

And for those of you who care about the specifics of the ring, it's a beautiful 2.33 carat reddish/pinkish/orange sapphire surrounded by half a carat of diamonds. It's a color changing stone, so the colors are dependent of what light you view it in. It's very close to a Padparadscha sapphire, although it has a tiny bit more red to it.

And for those of you who care about the specifics of the plane, it was a de Havilland DHC-3 Otter. More info here.

And for your viewing pleasure, here are some pictures of that fateful afternoon.