Saturday, October 24, 2009

Light and Love.

“In the presence of the light and love of family and friends, I take thee to be my beloved, promising to be a loving and faithful partner. I ask you to be none other than yourself. I promise to cherish and delight in your spirit and individuality, to face life’s challenges with patience and humor, to respect our differences and to nurture our growth. This commitment is made in love, kept in faith, lived in hope, and made eternally new."

Photo by Quan D Nguyen

Thursday, October 22, 2009


I simply cannot get over how amazing and cool bread machines are! We received a Zojirushi bread machine and we are in love.

How could you not fall in love with something that makes things as delicious as this?

We bought a bunch of boxes for our favors for the reception and we ended up running out of room in our suitcases. Val had his heart set on using them, so I felt like a jerk telling him I wasn't going to bring them along.

So while I was setting up the machine for our fourth loaf, I had an idea.

Homemade bread mix!

My Indesign class was cancelled today, so I decided to practice on the program by making simple labels to dress up my bread boxes. Four whole wheat, four white. And Val will get to see his cherished boxes on a daily basis now. What better way to celebrate them?

Monday, October 19, 2009


We did it! We're married!!

We celebrated our 5th year anniversary of the day we met by being married while surrounded by 16 of our friends and family. It was such an incredible and beautiful day, and words simply cannot describe how lucky and elated I feel to be part of the Vanderschaegen clan!

So what's next for this page? Well, I'll be expanding it. This will evolve to become our household adventures blog. But for the time being, we'll try to squeeze in all of the little details of our wedding while it's still fresh in our minds.

A huge thank you to all of our friends and family for the tremendous amount of well-wishes and the joy and love you have given us.