Saturday, May 28, 2011

We have gardening substrate!

Day 5 of house ownership, and what beautiful weather to celebrate our new home in. We also had our first meal at Casa Crustante. No table? No chairs? No problem!

Mmm, bento!

We spent a good portion of our day filling up our garden beds. Check out this substrate. Isn't it rich and gorgeous??

I love the way it feels, it's such a great mix. We'll see how much the plants like it!

The not-so-great news is that our house has a prowler. I spent a good deal of time at the house yesterday, and as soon as I drove off (apparently seconds later...) someone pulled into our driveway and started snooping around the property... Which means they had been watching me and just waiting for me to leave. Our neighbor took down their info, and made sure nobody broke in. It does make me a bit nervous, though. At least we know about it now, and can be extra cautious during this renovation.


  1. Amazing looking dirt! All that hard work really paid off. Well done! Those beds are going to provide great food for your family for years to come!

    As for the prowler, it wasn't me, I swear. I just drove by that once to take a look at your yard to see what kind of garden it would produce! No, seriously, that's crazy! Maybe they were a potential buyer that wanted to make sure you actually bought it. Let's hope it was as innocent as that, and it doesn't happen again. At least you have good neighbors! That's a plus.

  2. I hope the plants do well, especially with the limited light in our yard.

    You're right, I'm assuming the worst here. Maybe it was a complete coincidence they pulled into the driveway right after I left, and it could have been simply the closing agent checking for something or any number of utilities people making sure that things were okay.

    I already love my neighbors, I feel so lucky to have a great block. I've lived in my condo for 4+ years and only know the name of one neighbor. I already know 5 of the people on my new street!