Monday, May 2, 2011

Baby plants!

My seeds from arrived on Friday, and they were tucked into soil by the end of the evening. While some of my peers were off partying the night away, we were hunkered around our dining room table sorting through the seeds.

By Sunday, we had little bumps of green pushing through the soil. I have never ever had anything grow so fast.. I pulled out my seed packets and read through them- the majority of the plants shouldn't have germinated for another week!

Behold, my baby Early Jersey Wakefield cabbage. It even has a fuzzy little hula skirt! Welcome to the world, little cabbage!

Looks like these little buggers are just as eager as I am to get started on this gardening adventure. So far, I have cabbage, pumpkins, cucumbers, dahlias, moss rose, paprika peppers, and broccoli sprouts, all eager to get their lives started.

This little guy will hopefully be a dahlia. My late Great Aunt Pearl kept dahlias- she grew up to 250 varieties at one time- and I thought having them in the garden would be an nice way to celebrate her memory. I'm especially excited to see this one grow.

Perhaps she'll lend me 1/10 of the green thumb she had in her day. Miss you, my dear Great Aunt Pearl!


  1. Great work! I've never had luck with peat pucks. Hope you do though. Remember to remove the netting before you plant and before the roots penetrate it. If your plants thrive in them, then you'll be fine. Good luck!

    Oh, and I happened by your new place and alas, you have very limited direct sun it seems. My best adivice is neighbor beds, or those in your front yard, which likely gets better sun. Shade loving plants (few veggies are), should do well in the back yard. Not sure if you can take down the southern trees or not, but that would help tremendously, assuming there aren't more behind them in the neighbors yard.

    Good luck with your garden!!!!!

  2. We've come to that same conclusion. :) Thankfully our next door neighbor didn't seem too upset by the idea of having garden beds in the front yard.

    We're also having an arborist come out to give us quotes to clear up a bit of the property, but I'm not really counting on it clearing enough light.

    Thanks, we could use all the luck we can get!

  3. Great idea on both counts. Neighbor beds are a great conversation starter and my brother who has a southern facing front yard has convinced 5 neighbors to throw some raised beds into their yard. Now THAT's doing something for the community and planet!

    When the arborist is out there, make sure you mention you want more light in there. They can give professional opinions.

  4. That's fantastic that your brother's garden has sparked 5 other people!

  5. awwh. lil sproutlings. Good luck!