Tuesday, May 24, 2011

We Own a House!

Our home funded today, and we are now officially owners of Casa Crustante. And as I promised my spouse, my first purchase was to be a gnome. So we jumped into our car and headed to Molbak's.
They must have the cutest gnome display ever. It's in a small half-shed, decorated sublimely, and it really adds to the joy of picking out such a purchase. And after much deliberation and struggling against my difficulty of committing to buying things (I faux-shop a LOT. If it's not directly essential, I am frustratingly indecisive on purchases), I picked out the one right smack in the middle of the display.

And now he's our official steward of the 1/5 of the acre that we shall call home.

I think his name shall be Gnorris. Chunk Gnorris.


  1. Missed this post. Congrats and I hope Chunk Gnorris has a great future protecting your home and garden!

  2. Thank you! He's a great little ambassador for our crusty little house. In fact, he's watching it right now for us. Hopefully he'll get my garden planted tonight. (sigh)