Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hello, Future Garden.

It'll be four weeks tomorrow since I've planted seeds for our impending garden. Things are getting a little out of control. I've run out of room on our table in the dining area.

So far, everything has germinated with the exception of our round mauve eggplants from China.

So far, everyone looks pretty happy. I've had to be vigilant about watching for fungus, as weird pockets of it crop up every once in a while with the peat pots I'm using.

Once the roots bust out of the peat pots, I've peeled away the netting and placed them in a larger containers. So far, everyone seems pretty okay with that arrangement.

These guys are the latest ones to emerge - Feher Ozon Paprika. I was a bit concerned I'd have issues sprouting them, as they typically require warmer soils to germinate. Thankfully, so far so good.
I'm a bit concerned regarding our one squash, though. The one plant that has germinated had its primary leaves stuck in the seed. The leaves looks a bit withered and pathetic, but hopefully they'll dry out and start the growing process.

I've been amazed and grateful for the high germination rates for these plants. Both the cucumber and the pumpkins have had a 100% germination rate. Granted, my sample size is too small (4 each) to really be accurate, but I'm impressed all the same.

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