Friday, May 27, 2011

Raised Beds & Mineral Oil

Today, in Casa Crustante Land it was a much needed lazy day.

I dismantled some of the boards to allow for a more streamlined 4'x16' bed. I also coated them with mineral oil. I absolutely love the look of mineral oil on cedar, and while I'm uncertain that it'll prolong the longevity of my boards, it is cheap enough and easy enough to give it a try.

Untreated board on top, mineral oil on bottom.

I'd like to get these up and filled by the end of the weekend. Fingers are crossed!


  1. looks great! Congrats on your new home - I sure hope the "prowler" business isn't anything serious.

  2. Thank you and thank you!

    Me too! I'm a bit concerned about it. It really creeps me out knowing that he was just waiting around for me to leave. I'm tempted to leave a note on the back window that he's so fond of peering into:

    "Dear Sir,

    We know you're interested in our stuff. Unfortunately, we're interested in our stuff too. Please find another house to creep around.



    I might set up my cheap camcorder and point it at that window. If he's so keen in monitoring us, I'm sure he'll be back when he thinks we've loaded up our home full of loot again.