Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day II, House Ownership

Did we skip spring and summer? It's raining so hard it feels like September right now.

Plenty of work to be done all the same, like assembling my raised garden beds.

My heart broke that our battery operated screwdriver had a fit and died. Instead of making yet another trip today I simply nailed them, so we'll have to be extra careful when moving them around. They're pretty sturdy all the same, and they're now waiting patiently for me in our future kitchen and our living room.

I'm curious to know if they'll last for more than one season- they're made of cedar, but it feels more like balsa wood, it's so soft and spongy. At any rate, it was still a good deal, and rather perfect for us this year.


  1. Well done! That's using your head. If you can't screw them together, grab a hammer and presto! Looks good. If they're made of cedar, they'll last for a long time. Cedar's almost indestructable. Great find! Congrats!

  2. Thanks! I'm excited to see how they hold up! If not, well, I know where to get more. :) I was sure to hang onto the resulting leftover screws. I figured I'd need them for a future chicken coop. :D