Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mazda2 Hauls Crap - Literally

I'm proud of my little Mazda2. Today it hauled 13 cubic feet of manure and compost, in one run. I think the blokes who loaded it for me were amused. "I haven't even seen one of these cars before! Are you sure you want to load it with this?" Yup!

And she did just fine! I brought home all sorts of goodies. 9 cubic feet of mixed compost (see below), 2 cubic feet of steer manure, and 2 cubic feet of chicken manure. I think my plants will appreciate the diversity!

You have to love something that contains bat guano! I'm going to have to remember that when I'm savoring my first tomatoes out of our garden. "Hmm, this is a fine, mortgage lifter tomato, with a hint of bat guano in the nose." Hah!

I also took some time to arrange my beds around the sun. I want maximum sun coverage for the limited space I have, and it doesn't chop up our front yard completely. And it's not completely an eyesore. I hope.

I pruned back our rhododendron, and spent some time pulling up the noxious english ivy that has, along with the blackberries, taken over 1/4 of the back yard. I love the look of ivy, but it's actually choking one of the trees, and since it is a non-indigenous intrusive plant, I'm going to do what I can to contain it.


  1. Great haul! Did you by chance look up Stueber in Snohomish. 15 min away but really cheap. They sell mostly commercial but had no problem with is retail folk.

    As for your garden area, bravo! I wouldn't worry about being an eyesore, neighbor beds are all the rage. My brother's got about 10 beds in his front yard. He gets tons of compliments and has converted quite a few neighbors to plant a veggie garden.

    Well done!

  2. Thanks! Nope, I haven't checked them out yet. I'll try to get up there this weekend.

    Your brother sounds like a local hero for sustainability!! I'm still trying to wrap my head around no HOA telling us exactly what to do and what to have in our front yards. :)

  3. He's actually vying for the sustainability award the city is giving this year. Of course that's not why he's done it, but he deserves it, yeah. I'm going to have to drive by again to check out your garden area. I promise not to stalk though. Scary stuff!

  4. I had no idea they had an award! That is so great, I hope he gets it!

    I chatted with our neighbor today, he said the worst that could happen would be that our plants would thrive and it might make his wife jealous. :D I told him that if they do thrive, I'd have food to share!