Saturday, May 7, 2011

Roll a D6.

This totally makes me want to play D&D again.

Damn, I'm so totally not ready to be turning 30.

"Put your shields up!"


  1. I played from age 8 to 18ish due to my older brother roping me in. Was very fun. I've been tempted for ages to get back in, but fantasy video games like EQ of old and now Castle Age on FB have filled the void. Still have the old books (version 1.0 of course) though, so I'm still tempted. Saw the same video and it made me laugh. Never was into the live roll playing, though as a teen I loved the Highland Games even though I'm not Scottish.

  2. Hah, nice! Better store those v1.0 books in a safe place! I've been eyeballing v3.5 to get started and relearn the rules. It'd be nice to have something more interactive than WoW to keep me occupied during winter. :)

    Yeah... I'm not really keen on LARPing, that's a whole other beast. Highland Games gets a pass using the culturally relevant card. People dressed as night elves? Umm, not so much.

  3. I've only played v1.0, so have no idea what the rules would be. I never got into WoW for the same reason I quit Ever Quest. Family. Some times I wish I'd kept playing, but kids are too much fun.

  4. I'd imagine that kids are far more interesting than a random character on WoW. Plus, they're leveling up before your very eyes!

    So we bought an armada of D&D stuff, and spent Wednesday and Friday night playing. We had to modify it somewhat for the two of us, but it was a lot of fun. It sure beats staring at a computer screen for entertainment.

  5. So, how does V3.5 compare to v1? Is Gary Gygax rolling in his grave?

  6. We actually started playing with V4, so I'm pretty sure we're officially DnD heathens. I've only played 3.5 before now, and to be honest, I don't remember enough to compare the two. It's still fun though! :)