Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Renovation Day - More Pics

Thought I'd share some more of these images. Perhaps this house is one that only her owners could love, but there's something beautiful about the light drifting through the bare beams.
Definitely a little piece of Seattle Heights Garden history:

What's that?? You'd prefer a video? Alright, here you go:


  1. That you do have your work cut out! Are you planning on redesigning any rooms while you're at it? This would definitely be the time. Even plumbing can be moved easier now.

    Thanks for the tour. Best of luck to you guys!

  2. We're moving the closets a bit to allow for more room in the bedrooms, they're actually too small to be up to code. We're increasing the size of the entry way closet. Other than that, things will be pretty much the same. We're so excited!