Monday, June 27, 2011

Permits Secured - Moving Forward!

This weekend actually felt like summer. So we spent all day Sunday doing yard work. I can't get over how nice it is to spend time outside in a place that is our own. Living in a condo really is a horrible fate for someone who loves to be outdoors.
It's so rewarding to watch the backyard evolve. We're taking back the land with each slaying of a blackberry or english ivy plant. We've gained at least 300 sq/f back!
As far as the house goes, we're moving along! New pipes/plumbing have been installed, the attic has been insulated, our closets have been framed, the bathroom vanity has been picked out. Our roof has been freshly patched and is now leak free!
The garden seems to be happy- we've had our first produce.
I planted strawberries on Father's Day in memory of my dad, and had a fresh strawberry to snack on by Thursday! Most of my other plants seem to be content and are growing steadily.

Have I mentioned that I'm SO EXCITED about this house?? I can't wait to move in!


  1. I had wondered if you'd been living there after I saw the studs. Sorry you're not living there yet. Now that you have your permits, I hope your contractor can schedule your work ASAP.

    Great looking strawberry, we just harvested a pound out of our bed this afternoon. They taste out of this world! Here's hoping your garden produces great for you this year.

    Congrats on your home improvements to-date. Keep up the progress and you'll be in there in no-time.

  2. Thanks, the renovation is going quite well and our contractor has been top-notch. He's moving faster than we can photograph! I'm sure we'll be there in no time, but it can be hard for us to be patient. Every time I chat with a neighbor I hear "That construction crew moves SO fast..." Music to my ears!

    Congrats on your strawberry haul!