Monday, June 27, 2011

Flyte so Fancy

It's not a secret that I want chickens. Some women are experiencing maternal urges toward children, while I'm nesting in an entirely different and perhaps more literal way.

I want to attempt to build my own coop. My goal is to have it done by Easter, so I can have little chickens first thing in the spring. Of course, the house will have to be finished by then, and there are only 50 other things that are of a higher priority... but the heart wants what the heart wants.

Of course, this doesn't stop me from obsessing from what they'll live in. But I have to say, my jaw dropped when I found these:

The Gypsy Willow £3250.00,

The Gypsy Wayfarer £2750.00

The Gypsy Daydream £3900.00

Each of these amazing little hen houses can be found at Flyte So Fancy. They have more 'typical' coops, as well, but even those are extraordinarily lovely. Perhaps when (if) we head back to Europe in the fall we can swing by Dorchester and ship one of these back... I wonder how much beer it would take to convince the husband that we neeeeeeed something like this in our lives?

Ah, pipe dreams. :)


  1. Hehe, at the current exchange rate those would cost $4k before the $2k shipping costs. $6k for one of those or you could spend $300 on one just like mine. Seriously mine was that cheap. I had hoped to spend $200 or less but that wasn't an option with the cost of lumber on the rise and the outrageous cost of hardware. Not to mention the $50 in screws, hehe. I think we got off light for a hobby. 2 more months til eggs!

    Good luck with your chicken plan. Let me know how I can help!

  2. Yours is much more functional, too, and just as good looking- although I have to dock points for the lack of flowers and swirls on it!! haha, just kidding! You really did a great job.

    As much as I like drooling over these coops, there's really no way I can justify spending that kind of money. We have so much wood that is being torn out of our house right now, I've been eyeballing it and very tempted to see what I can come up with from the rubble. If it doesn't work out... well, I've doubled my woodworking experience, and can always build from a plan and with fresh lumber.