Thursday, June 30, 2011

Planning our Kitchen!

This is what our kitchen looked like:
This is what it looks like this very moment:

And this is what I have planned for it in the near future:

Beech flooring has been ordered. White cabinets, built in oven, beech butcher block counter tops. What's missing? Oh yeah, the fridge!

No matter how I arrange it, a full-sized fridge simply takes up too much space. I have found an alternative, though- a 6.1 cubic foot freezer/refrigerator that tucks underneath the counter top.

Plus side to this arrangement? If we resell this house, there's already a prime location for someone to install a dishwasher, if they want one (we already have a dishwasher... her name is Julie). There's enough room for a standard fridge on the other side of the wall, but I personally want that wall open so I can finally have my own baker's rack.

So there it is! I'm sure our contractor will laugh at us... but hey, he's not the one that has to live here.

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