Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 2: Renovation

Guess what we found in our front yard last night?

Oh hey, it is (was) our leaky chimney!

Cinder blocks have been sealed from the inside for added moisture resistance. Take that, mold!

Today we met up with our contractor at 6:45am to discuss the framing. I was very tempted to stick around and watch the framing process, but given how small the space is and the large amounts of lumber coming in, I was a hazard being in the way. Can't wait to see the changes tonight!


  1. Holy crap your chimney came down! That's huge bucks to repair! So sorry about that.

    Funny though, you've got a cinder block house and brick chimney and we've got a wood frame house with a cinder block chimney! Ours is cracked and unusable but we just don't use it. /shrug.

    Best of luck working to get that all fixed. Funny, I figured you'd be doing the work yourself. I can't imagine paying someone to do anything. You'll be happy you had it done professionally!

  2. Haha, our houses are pretty much complete opposites, huh? Thanks, we'll need all the luck we can get!

    With this particular loan if we do not have professional experience with a particular task, we are not to consider the renovation ourselves. And something like this? Yeah, this needs professional help! haha! Especially with the mold and the asbestos and the lead.

    No worries, the chimney was scheduled for removal. There was no place to burn wood, it had been bricked up a long time ago, and it was leaking from the roof (into the electrical box of all places!).