Thursday, May 3, 2012

Clamps, Puppies, Progress

In the build manual for SCAMP it recommends at least 20 clamps of various types.  I'm well on my way, at least in that department.

Progress is S.L.O.W. I've been doing approximately one piece per day. 

I've been battling some sort of cold and I have yet to recover. my tonsils still feel like golf balls, and I've felt weak. Doesn't help that I've been stuck with puppy wrangling duties:

He is so, so naughty. The good news is that I got my first uninterrupted sleep in nearly 5 weeks last night.  Above photo courtesy of my husband.  More puppy photos here.   

Anyway, back to boat stuff. 

Plywood has yet to be ordered.  I requested a price and I haven't heard back from them.  At this point I'm not sure I'd be ready for it, anyway.  There's still a lot to do before I get to that point.

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