Sunday, May 6, 2012

Garden Update!

Garden update time!

We have three types of strawberries in bloom.  Let me introduce to you the lipstick strawberry, an ornamental ground cover that produces tiny but absolutely delicious berries.

We have a June-bearing strawberry, the good ol' Tillamook.  Yup, there's more to Tillamook than the cheese.
 The ever lovely everbearing strawberry, the Quinalt. 

My two chives are on the brink of bloom.  I let them bloom as I love the little purple spheres- I think they're really lovely.
And our rhubarb, a deeply discounted plant we bought at the end of last year's season, is really starting to grow.  Speaking of rhubarb, our neighbor GAVE us FOUR POUNDS of rhubarb!  Rhubarb muffins just came out of the oven.  The house smells incredible.

As if our little garden wasn't productive enough, I traded our Japanese Laceleaf maple for something that might someday provide for us;  a dwarf red sunset nectarine tree.
It isn't much to look at right now, but I had the joy of seeing a nectarine in full bloom a few weeks back and I was completely struck by its beauty.  Plus, it lives right next to my blue orchard bees, so I'm sure next year they'll be perfect neighbors.
Send good thoughts towards this little tree- grow, tree, grow!
And this little beast continues to do just that- grow.  9.5lbs on Friday.  Thirteen weeks old now!  (More puppy photos here, courtesy of the hubs!)

BTW, my winter sown seeds are starting to spring up- last I checked I had half a dozen baby tomato plants.

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