Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

I DO indeed have a mother (imagine that!), and I did indeed lavish upon her cheesy (yet heartfelt) sentiments of my adoration today. Perhaps unfortunately, I did also attempt to give her tangible trinkets of my affection.

I made her cupcakes (there's a fantastic cupcake recipe here) with frosting flowers.  My mother is a bit of a master of the baking arts.  And I really thought that, perhaps, just maybe, it could be genetic. 
They were tasty, so I did that right.  Visually they left a bit to be desired. 

Check out all of these botched flowers- turns out cake decorating isn't passed along in the mitochondrial dna.  I'm pretty sure that I can scratch 'Cake decorator' off of my career path options.

I made her a gift card carrying elephant to go along with the cupcakes as well.  

Here's wishing all of you mothers a wonderful day!   And may you always be appreciated year round!


  1. That elephant is too much. I LOVE your elephants!

  2. Thank you! What's your favorite color? I'll make it happen!