Friday, May 25, 2012

Garden Update

Things are a little hectic this week, so there's not really a whole lot to report on the boat front.  While I've been slacking off, my plants have been busy.

Here's what I'm growing this year in my 4'x16' bed:

We had a lot of rain at the beginning of the week, and as the forecast called for wind and heavy rain, I wanted to do what I could to salvage my freshly planted tomato seedlings.

So I put together a little hoop house:

And everything survived beautifully.  I think I would have probably been just fine without the cover, but I was so impressed by how toasty it kept my little seedlings,  I may just have to make a little hoop greenhouse in the backyard to extend my growing season. 

My potato plants are growing like weeds.  What you see here, from left to right:
Bintje potatoes, Ozette potatoes, and some random potato from an Amazon Fresh grocery order. I had particularly enjoyed its siblings, so I thought it was worth attempting to grow.  I think it's an early type, as it isn't getting the lankiness of its late season companions.

My little 3'x3' herb garden is also flourishing.  The empty space in front will be used for a petite, round basil plant known as Finissimo Verde a Palla
I've also had a lot of success with the winter sown seeds I planted.  Every type of plant I planted has had at least a 50% germination rate, and the seedlings look strong.  I transplanted cucumber, eggplant, two types of pumpkins and zucchini today from my winter sown containers.  I'm very excited to see how they progress.   If they do well, I doubt I'll ever start seedlings inside again.

In other news, yesterday marked the one year anniversary of buying our house.  I can't believe it has been a year already!  Happy anniversary, Casa Crustante!  

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