Saturday, May 19, 2012

Router Woes.

Today didn't exactly go as planned.  We had hoped to end up at the Pocket Yacht Palooza to practice our photonerding skills and to see Joel's Navigator Ellie (his build blog is here, check it out- Ellie is a gorgeous boat) and to view a SCAMP in person.  Needless to say, it didn't happen.

Not all was lost, however.  I did make some serious headway in creating a router jig. 

So, the centerboard is has a foil shape, not unlike an aircraft wing.  It's important to get the board as symmetrical as possible, and that's where the jig comes in.  It's basically a little track to keep the router from doing its own thing, and to keep me from taking too much out of the wrong spot.

The one in the very front is the first one I attempted.  I used some scrap plywood but grossly underestimate how flexible a slim piece of plywood can be.   The second one was cut out of a 2x4, and may actually end up being the one I'll use, with a few modifications.

First, I'd make sure that the center pieces are flat.  You'll need a flat, smooth surface to clamp them down on.

And second, I'd be sure that the router bit doesn't touch the inside of your track. I didn't think to consider that.  Live and learn.

Productive, if a bit frustrating day.  At least I'm one step closer.

Building a sailboat and need more information about router jigs for shaping a centerboard? Here you go! 
Duckworths' Another Approach to Shaping Foils
Small Craft Advisor's Forum 'Scratch Built Foils'


  1. Hi Julie

    A router template guide set would do the trick for making sure your router doesn't cut into your jig. You can do all sorts of fun stuff like inlays with them too. There is an inexpensive set on sale at HF now:

    Sorry you couldn't make it to PT for the Palooza. It was fun. I'll be posting some photos soon. The Scamp crew was looking forward to meeting you, Simeon (builder), Josh (SCA Mag editor), Howard Rice. Scamp #1 was in the water on the dock so visitors could climb aboard. They didn't sail her but likely would have made an exception in your case. They had 4 aboard most of the day, all looking comfortable. She's a truly remarkable boat. Seems like everybody who lays eyes on her falls instantly in love.

  2. I love your photos from the event, it looks like there was an incredible turn out! I am heartbroken that we had to miss it, it would have been a great opportunity for me to meet everyone.

    Thanks for the suggestion on the router template guide set- I'm going to look at them now.

    1. Thanks!
      No problem. There will be another great opportunity to meet them all, plus JohnW too, at the Wooden Boat Festival in Sept. Have you ever been to it? It's terrific!

  3. I LOVE the Wooden Boat Festival! I haven't been to it in a decade though- I've been a boat nut in remission.. so I had to cut off all sources of my addiction. Obviously I've relapsed in a bad way.

    I actually found photos (real, tangible photographs) of my last visit just a few days ago. Interestingly enough, the photos were of a 12' boat that my 20 year old self found fascinating. Foreshadowing much?