Saturday, May 12, 2012

It's Official.

The boat has been started.


  1. I will be tuning into read your blog about the Scamp sailboat build. Having no boat of my own but dreams of having this exact same boat oneday. The Scamp has tons of curb appeal and I hear lots of room for such a small craft. Plus it fits in a garage! Enjoy your new project and please post lots of photos.


  2. Hello Arthur!

    Thank you for reading my blog! I hope that it will be helpful in pushing you towards building a boat or acquiring a Scamp in whatever means possible. :)

    I love the design. At first I was cautious, as she wasn't what I would have considered in aesthetics alone, but my motto is function over form, always. And I knew my fate was sealed as soon as I watched Howard Rice perform a capsize test on her. The next thing I knew I was ordering plans and pricing plywood. She's so lovely in her own right.