Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Curious to know what planning to build a boat feels like?


Progress-  Accessories to my future crime have arrived.  1.5 gallons of epoxy is sitting on my kitchen counter, along with proper goggles (it doesn't take long to realize that sawdust in one's eyes can be more than an annoyance) and a respiratory mask for some of the stinkier parts of the build.  Other than that, I have nothing to show for my efforts.

Word is traveling around the neighborhood.  Have had more than three neighbors to date come up to me and ask some form of "So, you're building a boat..?" 

And it's not in the ", you're nuts" vein (at least I don't think it is) but more of the "wow, why haven't I done that?"  So far, most everyone has been complimentary.  My family has been completely unfazed.  I think they're just surprised that it's taken me this long. 

That said, I'm not going to trick myself into thinking that this little beast will be anything more than an abomination (sorry, John Welsford, for my future destruction of your lovely design).  However, as long as it's a floating abomination, I'll consider this adventure a success.

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