Thursday, May 10, 2012

Woodn't you know...

...that on my very first order with Edensaw I ended up picking out the wrong type of wood? (see those lovely, thick sheets on the top?  Turns out I want something that's a great deal uglier, and a great deal cheaper). 

But, because Edensaw Lumber is amazing, the next time they stop by to deliver my next shipment of  Okoume plywood, they'll pick up my erroneous sheets and refund me 100%.

Wow. I love Edensaw.  Truly, I do. 

So there's the first awkward mistake so far on this project, thankfully it's an easy fix.  I'm sure there will be about a thousand more. 

Also, you'll notice some changes on this blog.  I had experimented with doing a separate boat building blog (I wasn't being sneaky, just was trying to figure out if I truly wanted two separate blogs) and I've decided that There Can Only Be One.  So I merged the two and now you'll see some of the other posts that were on the other blog before I killed it.

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