Thursday, November 18, 2010


Thanksgiving has always been a difficult holiday. This year, it falls the day before the third anniversary of my father's death. Black Friday, huh? That's a bit ironic.

Ever since my father's passing, my family has evolved and changed. It's not a bad thing, it's just.. well, different. So this year, we're mixing things up a bit. While we were invited to visit my mom's, we have decided to run down to Vancouver, WA. The hub's father is now in the state, and this will be his first Thanksgiving with his dad in seven years. Seven years!

As if one day celebrating Thanksgiving wasn't enough, we're also flying down to Sacramento this weekend for a dinner at his aunt and uncle's home. It'll be nice to see everyone- his family is so lovely and welcoming. It'll be nice to get to know them better. Plus, it'll be super exciting to see what all the hype is about regarding the new body scanners and frisking procedures.


  1. That sounds like fun... you should have a good time!

  2. PS: If you think you hear someone snickering while you're being frisked at the airport while security rifles through your suitcase, it's probably just your dad choppering overhead... ;)

  3. hahaha, amazing! I bet he would have had a good laugh over it. I'm kind of bummed I didn't get frisked. I had my hopes up!