Friday, November 19, 2010

A First

So call me crazy, but today was the day I finally lost my virginity.

My toe virginity, that is. Before you think I'm a pervert, let me clarify: I had my first pedicure.

Don't get me wrong, I take great care of my feet. I was blessed with lovely toes, and I do what I can to take care of the one asset that I actually like on my entire body. But this was the first time I let someone else do the work. It wasn't half as weird as I thought it would be. And my toes look lovely. And those jetted tubs? Amazing. Especially on such a gray and gross day.

This is the darkest nail color I've ever worn, by far. I'm rocking OPI's Lincoln Park After Dark. It's nearly black, but with a plumish warmth to it that I adore. It'll look great with my plum top I'm wearing for tomorrow's dinner.

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