Sunday, November 28, 2010

Holiday Cheer

So I'm in the mood to be a bit of a consumer and hunt down some holiday cheer. Earlier this year, I went on a bit of a rampage and tossed out everything and anything that wasn't absolutely necessary in our entry closet. That included all of our holiday decorations, including our fake tree. Now that it's after Thanksgiving and cheery little glittery lights are popping up everywhere, I'm feeling like our condo needs some festiveness as well and I'm seriously regretting my impulsive lack-of-space driven anger.

I guess it's a fresh start, then, huh? So where should I begin? I'm really loving the current trend of a smaller tree hoisted up by being placed in a wicker basket. It gives the tree extra height without taking more room in storage, and plus I could use the wicker basket to keep the other decorations stashed nicely away. And there's way more room for presents. Which is always a good thing. Plus, a shorter tree is typically less expensive... so not only do we save more room, but we have more money left over. Score!

I also would like to get a bit crafty. Take a look at this adorable tabletop tree:

More lovely crafts and instructions here.

At the above site she has instructions to make some incredible ornaments and gift boxes using the same style. Perhaps I should use this to decorate my tree? I'm so over breakable ornaments!

And check out this clever and amazing Kanzashi tree:

Details and how-to found here.

It's hard for me to wrap my head around the work that is necessary to create this. All those squares of fabric, folded, stitched, glued... I don't think I'd have the willpower to complete this. The person who made this had an etsy site at one point- I would be so tempted to buy one if she still sold them. They're gorgeous!

I'm always so impressed by the creativity of the people found on both sites... I wish I had planned for the holidays sooner! Perhaps if I get started on the Kanzashi tree now, it might be ready for 2012!


  1. I love crafty holiday decorating ideas... unfortunately I lack the focus to complete anything that complex. I'd buy all the supplies and work on it for however long it took for me to realize that it's either too complicated or will take too long and then I'd abandon it all in the nearest closet.

    We have a small tree... I don't think the tree is more than 3' tall. It sits in a decorative pot that makes it probably around 4' tall. We opted for the small tree so we could put it up on top of the fireplace and out of reach of curious fingers.

  2. We ended up with a little three footer as well. Total cost? $52! Yay for Micro-trees on a budget! It's ironically the prettiest tree I've ever had. Bonus!

    I bet Abby would LOVE to get her hands on all that shiny! I bet this holiday season is so exciting for her!