Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Mazda 2

I got to see my mom today! It's weird that we live in the same state yet see one another maybe 5 times a year.

And because I got to spend more time in my car than I usually do, it really reiterates the idea that I really want a new car. Maybe not a new,
new car... but maybe just a different car.

So I've been looking around and daydreaming. You know how much I love little cars, right? I can't get over small, efficient vehicles. While I was in Europe I could not get over how awesome all of the cars were- they looked tiny on the outside, but had plenty of room on the inside, and lots of pep. Nothing like going 90mph down a freeway in something that looked smaller than a Geo Metro!

And then I saw this: The 2011 Mazda 2.

Photo from Motor Trend - Great Article & More Pics Here

.... did you hear that??? That was the sound of me squealing with joy.

It's a small car, yes, but it still seats 5, and starts at under $14k. And do you see that giant grin in the grill? How can you NOT be happy looking at that thing? It's too darn infectious. I might just be in love.

Alas, my love may have to wait. I generally do not believe in buying brand new cars. They depreciate so darn fast, it just doesn't seem like a wise investment.

But all the same, it doesn't mean that I can't test drive one and wax poetically over it. And who knows? Maybe I can make an exception to my rule. It might be worth having something I can actually see out of and want to drive.


  1. I love that bright green color! It's so cheerful and fun.

  2. PS: The new Ford Fiesta is super cute and comes in lots of bright colors. It's been getting rave reviews from what I've read in the Hubby's car magazines. Not that I'm in the market for a small car (or any car at all) but I like it... I thought Ford had ruined my opinion of them forever after I drove that Tempo in high school, but they've really gotten their act together in the past few years.

  3. I've checked them out but they're not really my cup of tea. I've seen them roam around in Europe and in the states and they're lovely, but apparently sluggish even in comparison to the Mazda2. And more expensive.

    Test driving in 3 hours! :D I'd be willing to bet I'll be bored with them afterward. I'm so fickle, I'm even annoyed with myself.

  4. Have fun! Better to take it on a test drive and grow bored with it than to buy it and grow bored with it...