Monday, November 15, 2010

Mazda 2, Part II

I sat in no less than five Mazdas this weekend, and without a doubt the Mazda2 was my favorite. We test drove it and the results were pretty much what we expected: Incredibly sensitive handling, although a bit slow on the acceleration (100hp, after all!). The visibility while sitting inside was amazing, especially when compared to my Scion tC. I really want something I feel like I can see out of (imagine that.. lol).

I want one now, but I still refuse to buy one brand new. They may depreciate as much as $3400 in the first year. Perhaps this time next year, when all the 2012 models come out, I'll be able to snag my own lovely little subcompact. Or I'll fall in love with something else entirely. It's a curse being so fickle.

But for what it's worth, this car is the one I desire at this very moment:

Picture and More Info at

Besides, in the time I have to wait I can figure out what I'm going to name it. I'm kind of fond of "Daphne."


  1. It's very cute and that's important in a car. Daphne seems like a nice name for a car... plus my parents have a pretty calico cat named Daphne and despite how I feel about my own cats, I'm rather fond of her. She's a quality cat, therefore I conclude that things named Daphne get two thumbs up.

  2. Oh, cats... I woke up this morning early because of vomit. Again. Second time this week and it's only Tuesday. Cheers for quality kitties!

  3. Ugh. Don't even get me started on cat barf. We opted for the least expensive carpet because we planned to have children and we knew the carpet would be abused... little did we know it would be the cats destroying the carpet, not our 2 year old. I have offered to trade both of my cats to my parents in exchange for Daphne, but so far no dice.

  4. Hopefully Abby stays less destructive than the cats! :)

    So a friend and I were discussing pets and she asked which I thought were destructive, cats or dogs. I told her that cats are absolutely much more destructive. She totally didn't believe me. Now she has two and is beginning to understand...

    Yeah, parts of our carpet are torn up so badly that you can see the foam underneath. And there are various colored stains from a variety of different barfed materials. I really can't fathom why these creatures became so popular...

  5. So far so good. At least her messes can be easily vacuumed away or wiped up. Somehow we got on the topic of pets last night and we were talking about how nice it would be if we had a cat that actually acted like a cat (social & playful) for Abby's sake instead of our two defective cats. Then the conversation turned to dogs, and we concluded that no matter where we live in, no matter how big our home is, it will never be big enough for a dog. At least that's what our story will be.

  6. Dogs are so much easier. I like the fact that they listen, that most of them actively want to be good. And if they ever step out of line they're immediately apologetic. Cats don't give a damn. That couch? It's theirs. That carpet? Totally needs to be shredded to their standards. Feeling antisocial? Claw time! Cats are such hideous creatures.

  7. Ha! I can't argue with that.