Friday, June 29, 2012

Soggy Weekend, Potentially Awesome.

It's a common held belief in this part of the world that summer doesn't officially begin until July 5th, the day after Independence Day. So, check out this forecast:

This year keeps up with the tradition. Despite the rainy weather, this weekend looks promising. Hopefully I'll be able to get a glimpse of this lovely little boat:

That little boat, my friends, is SCAMP #1.  (Photo stolen from here).  Rumor has it that she'll be at the 36th Annual Lake Union Wooden Boat Festival.  

So excited! 

I'm also looking forward to the soggy weather. It'll give me a chance to brew a new batch of beer without any guilt.  I'm very much looking forward to having 3 gallons of heather ale (fraoch) to myself.


  1. I didn't know Scamp was going to be there. You might even be able to go out on a sail on her. I'm going tomorrow (saturday) - hope it doesn't rain. Looks like there will be lots to see this year!

  2. Nice, Joel!! I'll be there tomorrow too- hope to see you there. If you see a pudgy blond in a blue raincoat freaking out over the SCAMP, be sure to say hello!

  3. Hello Julie,

    I just ordered my Scamp plans from Duckworks today. So stoked! Is your hull number #131 I thought I read that in a previous post on this blog? Wishingbee kind of helped me to finally choose a design after more than a year of thinking. I dont move very fast as cognitive thought is still a challenge for me. 3 gallons of homemade beer sounds painful. Stay dry. Florida was just pounded last week.


  4. Yup, Rio is #131.

    That's wonderful, Arthur! I'm so excited for you! Be sure to harass Small Craft Advisor for your build manual PDF. It really has helped me- as I lofted each piece, I would look up how it gets attached to the boat and its function. It's been a real asset for me, even at this beginning stage of the build. It helps me visualize just how everything gets put together.

    Don't worry, it'll take me at least a few months to work through those three gallons!

    So was last week's weather inspiration for building a boat? Sounds like you'll need some sort of floating vehicle for to handle your soggy weather conditions!