Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Birthday and a Name.

Today marks my 31 years on this lovely planet.   (And perhaps the ugliest birthday cake ever purchased.  I bought it because I was certain the other cakes were teasing it.) 

 ..It also marks the beginning of a two year subscription to the WoodenBoat magazine!

Probably the sweetest thing my husband has ever said to me-  "I got you a two year subscription.  One year for the SCAMP, and another year for the next boat." Romance, indeed!

Today also marks my official Year of the SCAMP.  My goal is to get my boat in the water by my next birthday.  Hull #131, worked on in my 31st year.  But if I'm going to do this, I need to call her something.

And thus, I reveal the name of my boat:


"You're a bird of paradise."
"You know you're something special and you look like you're the best."
"You make me feel alive, alive, alive"
"I'll take my chance cause luck is on my side or something"

Oh, Rio, Rio, dance across the Rio Grande!



  1. Happy Birthday from the other side of the globe, an odd cake, but "Rio" is a lovely name for your Scamp, happy building..........

    1. Thank you!

      Yes, odd is a good word for it. I was taught at a young age not to eat brightly colored things with bizarre patterns, as they're probably poisonous. This cake has proven to be edible, so far.

      Can't wait to get to the building part. I'd work on cutting out pieces but it's dumping rain outside right now. I need a shop!

    2. Can you promise to play the saxophone on your boat? Live up to the Rio Reputation! (go watch the music video)

      Happy HAPPY birthday!!

  2. HAH! That saxophone is too amazing for words. I can't promise to do a mean saxophone, but I do hope to be able to wail on an accordion! (post impending)