Thursday, June 21, 2012

Boat Patterns and Bearded Chickens.

More pattern pieces for my boat have been cut out.  As much as I reeeeeally want to just cut out bulkheads and move forward, I know that I should really focus on one stage at a time.  So I've decided to put the bulkheads on hold and finish cutting up all the pieces that have been lofted.

One of the best thing about cutting out patterns is the opportunity to practice (and practice, AND practice) using the jigsaw before touching the actual Okoume pieces.  The cuts are getting easier and easier. 

Behold, my boat building blister badge of honor:

And supervisory bearded chickens, always making sure I stay on task.

Sunday is supposed to be sunny, so let's hope that I can finally put all these pattern pieces behind me!


  1. Great to see you've been hard at it and progressing well. I read the whole scamp thread on wooden boat forum, that's quite a boat you're building. Hope the weather stays fine so you can finish off the patterns. Keep your fingers out of the way..............

  2. Thank you, Denis! She's incredible for her size, isn't she? I have a hard time believing that she's not even 12' long.

    Looks like the next few days will be rainy, so looks like the fingers will be safe and sound, at least for now. :)