Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

"A man builds the best of himself into a boat- builds many of the memories of his ancestors." Steinbeck
I'm celebrating my father on Father's Day by doing something he always wanted to do- build a boat! The very first bulkhead has been cut out today- this means I've transitioned from the theoretical phase to the actual start of building.  It's an exciting day, I only wish he could have been here to see it.

As soon as I finished cutting the bulkhead out, it took all of 10 seconds for this to happen:

Bulkhead or shield?  Dual purpose boat building!

In other boat related news, all of the pieces have been lofted, with the exception of the skeg and the shoe- so I'm barreling ahead on getting bulkheads cut out.

And I've decided on a color scheme- some sort of turquoise and red combo.   
She'll be jaunty, that's for sure! The bottom of the hull will be painted red, perhaps for the sole purpose of instructing my friends to watch for it when I capsize.  "If you see red, I may be dead!" 

This little boat has been such a beacon for me.  It's been a rough day, but having her to fixate on has been the best sort of therapy one could ask for.

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