Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Things I Want to Build (Casa Crustante Needs Love, Too)

Two things I really want to build for Casa Crustante (and I'm pretty sure they'll only take a weekend- not including paint)

1.  A storage bench w/ coat rack:

Plans to build this pretty little piece here (photo and design by Blue Roof Cabin).  I'd modify this a bit by widening the seat to allow for a super secret cat litter box. 

2.  A bench (again, with storage) to replace the settee in our dining area.  I found this inspiration shot also from Blue Roof Cabin.

Right now our emergency kit and earthquake supplies are stuffed under the settee.  It looks cluttered, so having a clean space to stash it would be amazing.


  1. I am following your Scamp build and wanted to ask how many sheets of marine ply does it take to build the Scamp? Also are they all 1/4 inch with some 1/2 inch for transom or bottom? I have looked for a materials list information on this sailboat on the net. Do they send a list with the plan set, I have not bought my own set of plans yet but hopefully soon.

    Thank you Julie


  2. Hello Arthur! Thanks for following my blog!

    According to the SCAMP build manual, the boat requires four pieces of 6mm (almost 1/4") for the external pieces and 6 pieces of 9mm for the bulkheads and the hull bottom.

    I'll be using 7 pieces of 9mm- one of the bulkheads is scarfed together to save on plywood, but I'd rather have it out of one piece, hence the extra sheet of plywood.

    They don't have a list on the plan set, but the 85 page build manual that is provided (you have to email the SCA people for it) has a rough layout of how the pieces will be cut from the sheets. I've been very pleased with the plans so far- they've been very straight forward, surprisingly so!

    Hope this helps, and do let me know if you decide on a SCAMP!

    1. Whoops, I lied. I meant to say that the build requires 8 pieces of 9mm, but I'll be using 9 total. :)