Friday, June 8, 2012

La Valse de Julie

What's green and gold and something you can use to drive your neighbors crazy?

A little Hohner Marchesa accordion, all of my own.   Now I just need to learn how to play it!


  1. Must be linked to boat builders, there's quite a collection of accordions, a concertina and two lovely diatonic button melodeons scattered about my house. That green and gold baby is a true gem. Good size too.
    Joke, did you hear about the accordionist that left his instrument in his unlocked car, someone broke in and left two more...........
    The neighbors will learn to cope..........

  2. Hah, sounds like I'm in good company, then! How did you learn to play?

    I've heard that joke! That's the first thing my husband brought up when I mentioned that I wanted an accordion to learn on. "You could just leave one of your grandmother's in your car..." haha!

    Thank you! I've been talking about picking up the accordion for years, but since we lived in a condo with very thin walls, it just wasn't an option. The house means a lot of things to us- the ability to play an instrument is one of them. :) We found this one on craigslist for a great deal, and I'm just blown away by how well the previous owners have taken care of it. I hope I can maintain it as well as they have.

    Our household accordion count is now 3. I inherited two accordions from my grandmother, who was an amazing player. I didn't inherit her music ability though!

  3. Yes, an endlessly told old joke. With bagpipes and banjos amongst my dust collecting instruments, it has been used for them as well. There are numerous "how to" books and quite a few web sites that will help get you squeezing away. If you change Pete Culler's old saying from boat building to accordion, " the first tune may be a bit rough, but the next one will be better".
    Or just pretend you're playing jazz fusion................. Happy playing

    1. I love that Culler quote!

      Bagpipes, too! My only music lessons I have ever had were on the bagpipes. I've decided that if any of the neighbors complain about my accordion, I'll be buying a set of those to play.