Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Moving Experience.

The day is finally here. We're moved in!

And by moved in I mean 'most of our crap has somehow followed us to our new house and we can't find anything at the moment, except perhaps the floor in some areas.'

You know, for someone who lives in a smaller space and loves the concept of minimalism, I obviously have much more to learn. We. Have. Too. Much. Stuff. I kept hearing "You only use 10% of your stuff 90% of the time.." blaring in my head with every box I've packed and unpacked. As soon as we're settled and we know what we need, we'll be paring down again. I'm such a pack rat, I anthropomorphize my crap and I feel actual guilt when I throw stuff away, so it's really a bit of a challenge to force myself into keeping less.

On the plus side, we were able to get all of our furniture moved with a single trip in a 10' U-Haul. Our last move (March 31, 2007) happened during a freak snowstorm, resulting in our 14' U-Haul skidding into a ditch on an icy freeway in Redmond.

Thankfully, no freak snowstorms on this move. The weather was a wonderful 85 degrees, the warmest day so far this year in Seattle.

Everything has so far gone without a hitch. Although we have only tepid water in the shower- we get scalding water everywhere else in the house, but the shower is barely warm. Any thoughts?

At any rate, hot water is overrated. At least at this very moment. I have a freshly made bed ready to snore in, and after 15 hours of moving, I am ready to pass out.

Goodnight, World.


  1. Congrats! We too seem to be packrats, raising two packrats of our own. We've got a room upstairs that should eventually be one of my son's rooms, full of junk we've never used in 15 years. That and a pile in the middle of the garage car bay that has no space in the house but we don't want to get rid of. /sigh Best of luck finding a place for all of your stuff. We've failed to do so for 15 years. Joy 'o Joy!

  2. yay. glad the move went well. now just for you to unpack and get settled. :)

  3. It's not allll junk, it's 99% treasure, right? :D

    So begins the tough part, trying to figure out where it all goes! I'm happy to say so far that we've got a LOT of storage for such a tiny place. Everything is sifting in. I think I'll make a short house tour video when I'm mostly packed away. It's hard to imagine ever being completely moved in though.

    Once we're moved in, we get to begin the really fun part- figuring out what to do with our condo!

  4. Finding a spot for everything is a never-ending battle, one we have lost time and time again. Best of luck with yours!

    As for your condo, I sure hope you strongly consider keeping it and renting it out if it's at all a financial option... I would love an income property or ten, but I don't see that happening.

  5. My family has had rental properties for a large portion of my life, and while I like the concept, it has ended in a lot of stress and frustration. Like the time one of the tenants burned down a house. Yeah. Wasn't fun.

    But I'm game for it, and thankfully my husband is starting to see that selling it at a loss isn't really the greatest option at the moment... so chances are we'll keep it around until we can afford to sell it. It's a cute unit, and I look forward to making it shine again!