Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Breaking up with my French Press.

When I stress I have a hard time sleeping. And because I don't sleep I end up even more stressed. So the last few days have been a little rough, at least in the sleep department.

The alarm went off yesterday at 6am. I rolled out of bed and decided that Monday, of all days, is a fantastic excuse for coffee. I scoured our moving boxes for coffee, started some water.. and only then realized I had left my french press at home.

I was nearly in tears.

But then I remembered that several years ago my father-in-law bought us a single cup coffee brewer at REI. It was tucked away in our tupperware, so it had made the journey to our new home safely! And thus, my mood and day was saved. After three tall cups of coffee later, I was able to continue my mission of laundry, unpacking, and hanging curtains.

That might have been one of the best cups of coffee I've ever had. No sugar, no milk. Just unadulterated coffee on the first Monday of living in our new house.

Easy, simple, delicious. I have a feeling our french press will be neglected from now on.


  1. I have one I kept at work and never used it much. I hate having to keep filters around. They do work well enough though. Of course the press presses the oils etc. into your coffee, which is good. Whatever works in your new home is all the better!

  2. I don't like using filters, either. I'm happy that this little device has a built in wire filter. Keeps everything very easy.

    My mother stopped by yesterday and gave us Keurig. Now we have three very different means of coffee procurement. I'm usually not a fan of large or complex appliances, but I have to say it's amazing being able to just hit a button first thing in the morning for one exceptionally tasty cup of coffee.