Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Exterior Paint

Today we celebrate. Not only is it our adorable dog's birthday (6 years old!), but we've might have decided on a paint color:

Behold, Sherwin-Williams 'Distance.'

We visited a more greyish blue, but turns out we both really loved this color and might just run with it. I think this little house could use a bit of paint cheer, don't you think?

Tomorrow's Itinerary:
  • Roofing consultation
  • Painting consultation (I'm pretty sure I'll end up doing this myself, but I'm curious how much it costs to have it done professionally)
  • Setting up our Cat 6 cable internet
  • Security system installation
  • Replacing a broken car windshield (husband's car, not mine for a change!)
Once we have our security system in place, we'll start the really fun part... Moving!


  1. Whoa. Shut the front door. We are considering greyish blues for our exterior paint color in 1-2 years.

  2. But, wasn't the color already blue? I guess it needs it. Most houses do. We painted last year so we're good for a while. And yes, do it yourself, even with our second story it wasn't bad.

  3. Great minds, Jessika! I love greyish blues. Everything in my life would be greyish blue if I could make it so. :D

    Sinfonian, It's more of a grey right now. It was blue at one time. Looks like we'll just be repeating history with this paint job. :)

    I'll keep that in mind. We'll probably end up going with the person who we talked to today, as there are some cosmetic issues that need to be fixed, and some bricks that need a good sealing and a bit of TLC. The rate that he quoted us was quite reasonable for all the fun we'll be subjecting him to.. Poor guy! hah!