Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Big Moment.

On day 75, our new house officially had furniture in it. Both of these pieces are used but beautiful, and they are destined for long happy lives in our dining area.

A sweet little chair: And a settee. Look at those curvy, adorable legs.

Not only are we dealing with the fun of hunting for furniture (while woefully being ill-equiped to move it- it's been an interesting process), we are also in the middle of choosing paint colors. We would ideally like a fresh-faced house by the end of next week.

"I live in a blue house with blue windows... blue is the color I find that I wear.."

Sherwin William's Gray's Harbor or Benjamin Moore's Mineral Alloy:

Yes, we like blue. Why do you ask?


  1. Cute furniture. I have a van and a truck at my disposal if necessary. Of course I'm back to work at month end, but let me know if I can help before then.

    As for blue, our bedroom is blue with white trim an ceiling. It's that color after buying too much paint for the nursery ceiling. We hated the stark white bedroom. Good luck on the color choices. Hope you can move in soon.

  2. I love that furniture! It's beautiful! And I love the gray-blues... very soothing.

  3. Wow, three comments!! This is a record, guys! :D

    Thank you, Sinfonian! I think we may have found a couch that someone is willing to deliver. It's very nice of you to offer!!

    Out of curiosity, what did you do out for window dressings? I tried a beige curtain and it looked green in our place, it was really sickly looking, I think it could have been that particular shade though..

    Thanks, Jessika!!

    Thank you, Amber. I am in love with grey-blue in general. It's a very calming color, which works for me because I have such high blood pressure... Any teeny tiny ounce of calm I can get is a bonus!