Tuesday, April 26, 2011

This Is For My Brother

You probably shouldn't try this at home.

Or this.

Best invention ever, or best invention ever?

BTW, I'm adding a new label to my blog: Burtspiration - Things that would have inspired the character Burt off of Tremors. Don't know who he is? Check this out.


  1. Tremors was such an amazing cult classic. Loved it since I first saw it. Never saw the second, but looks like they couldn't get Kevin Bacon for it. Go figure. Bert was so funny, and Reba McEntire was hillarious!

  2. I couldn't believe that they got her on that show- she did such a great job as his wife! Definitely one of my favorite movies. I loved his self-reliance and get-er-done attitude. The second one definitely has some amazing Burt-moments, I highly recommend it!