Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Big 3-0.

As usual, the impending date of my birthday causes panic and mild depression. It usually hits just after my mother's birthday. This year is no different.

And, as usual, I have to constantly and persistently discuss my life achievements with my husband, constantly buffering my aging identity with a sense of accomplishment. If-I-were-to-die-tomorrow type discussions are such great mood setters. What can I say, I'm the kind of girl who knows exactly where her ashes should be stored (see, room for two in this one- who says I'm not a romantic?). And I know exactly where I should be buried, because that's how I role.

But instead of going down the road of the dying, this year I'm trying to be a bit more positive. What could be more positive than a trip to Hawai'i? If I'm going to be three decades old, I might as well wake up on the sunny side of life.

So, here's our tentative birthday bash plan: Seven days in Maui. The husband has never been to Hawai'i. And I have only been there once on a layover from Japan. We could both use some sun, and I know our camera lenses would love to get some sand in them.

We've already picked our hotel: Let me present to you Outrigger's Aina Nalu.

So instead of this...

I'm going to try thinking of this:

Photo From Here

Here's to hoping that the new decade will bring a greater sense of positivity.

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