Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Cutest Spider You'll Ever See

I kind of like spiders. I do find them a little creepy admittedly, but as long as they're not crawling over me or threatening me, I'm okay with them. I know they serve a very good biological function, and they've crafted a nice niche for themselves.

The biggest spider I have ever seen was a huntsman spider in Guilin, China. Guilin is a beautiful city located in south China in the Guangxi province. It has a humid, subtropical climate, a lovely change from the grey of the Pacific Northwest, which resulted in a gigantic, 20 foot tall poinsettia tree outside of my apartment.

It also resulted in larger-than-anticipated arachnids. One spider we saw was larger than a roll of toilet paper. It was aggressive, though, so it fell into the "terrifying" category of my spider appreciation.

But there's more to spiders than just terrifying. I never thought I'd use the adjective "cute" to describe one.

Behold, the peacock spider. This little gem is found in Australia, a teeny tiny, vividly bright spider... that dances. Check it out.


  1. hahaha. he is cute. I like his googly eyes. XD Thanks for sharing!

  2. Me too!! And his little striped legs remind me of an air traffic controller! So cute!