Monday, April 11, 2011

Dreaming of a Garden

Over the weekend I had a chance to visit Molbak's in Woodinville, one of my most favorite places on earth. It's a garden center, a cafe, a forum. It's such a resource, I simply cannot sing its praises loud enough.

On Saturday, we had a chance to listen to a seminar about urban farming from author Lisa Taylor. She was a great lecturer, and the hubs and I walked away with a lot more gardening know-how than we walked in with, and now we are even more inspired to get a garden growing.

But we need land. And land is associated with that little house. And sadly, the house purchase has stalled. What seemed to be a normal lead based paint report has come up with some serious issues, and until we figure out what those issues are (we don't yet have the report in hand- it has nearly been 3 weeks!) and an idea of what the cost would be to fix it (let's hope it's less than $4k!), our hopes of having a home are frozen.

It's frustrating to think that one report could potentially kill all the work we've done thus far... All those hours of research and harassing people and trips to various suppliers and all of the time our agent has spent being our advocate... I'm trying to be positive, but at the same time realistic about the possibility of it all falling through.


  1. Where abouts is this house from hades?! I know there are some real fixer-upers and some cinder block houses here in MLT, but thankfully my brother, parents and I all got wood frames here in MLT. While they're in "Downtown MLT", I'm in the far Northeast. All parts of the city are cool though. Good luck with all your issues!

  2. Haha, I wonder if we're nearly neighbors! We'll be in north MLT, just a few blocks from the I-5 exit.

    I've been pretty impressed with the area, I really like the location and it has such a great vibe to it. On our block we've met some of our neighbors (including a woman who has lived in the same house for some 50 years!) and they were all very kind. I hope they'll still have patience with us when we finish the remodel!