Wednesday, March 9, 2011


So I'm being kinda crap with this updating thing. I've been meaning to, but good intentions simply aren't good enough!

The bank accepted our offer. Yay!

You want to know about this house? Okay, here it goes.

It is small. Under 700 square feet. It has two bedrooms, twice what we have now. It has a great yard, with lots of room for a garden. In fact, the previous owner had planter boxes full of strawberries, and strawberry plants are starting to come up. Giant rhodadendron out front, little purple crocuses, rose bushes, and a baby japanese maple- all in the fully fenced front yard. Perfect.

The house itself? Well, it needs some (a lot) of love. Somewhere between $30-$60k worth of love. And we're kind of in limbo until we know exactly how much. I'm scrambling to get contractors to give us estimates, and we need to get the power back on so we can see if any utilities work at all..

The loan will close in 30-60 days, at this point we're not certain even if it will. But we are moving full steam ahead- I'm not going to miss out on a great opportunity just because I'm afraid of it all falling through.

There is a long road ahead for us. But it might just be a road that leads us home.

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