Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Day Has Arrived...

Today has every potential to be a Big Day for us. I have successfully orchestrated a 203k consultant, an inspector, and a contractor (who is well-versed in 203k renovation financing- a difficult find) to all show up at our potential home at 1pm today. I have also managed to revive the utilities (with the exception of gas) to our old house- and today we will see how big of a project this really is.

This could be a very good day for us, or a bit of a heartbreaker.

If the project is too small, the contractor may walk. If the project is too big, we will walk. We want the renovations to fall between $30k-$50k- it's almost like Price is Right- although arguably more exciting.


  1. Way-da-go! We're pulling for you! Consider this? Join and tell us about your remodel. We tweet every thread you start and would love to get the skinny (good or bad) on your project. Who's your contractor and consultant?

    WebMaster 203K Forum

  2. Thanks, Gary! I'll check out the forum- we could use all the help we can get!

    I'm happy to report that so far four contractors, a lead report, a 203k consultant, and an inspector have yet to break our dreams!

    We hope to be working with Ness Construction and we have signed on Mike Clark as a 203k consultant. They appear to be a very good team- we had a great time plotting and planning this project. Fingers crossed!!