Wednesday, March 16, 2011


So the first time we drove out to see the house (March 4), it was a lovely afternoon, although cold. We wandered through the tiny home and started to daydream about what it could be. We left feeling pretty good about ourselves- after all, if we made this work we could be debt free by the time my husband turns thirty- a noble goal indeed.

On our way home, a car sped along side of us, and changed lanes just before the intersection. At that same moment, a car merged into that lane, and they collided. Everyone ended up okay, although both cars were seriously damaged.

This Sunday, March 13th, we were heading home from inspecting the house for potential flooding. As soon as we are heading back to our condo, we get rear-ended by another driver.

So, although I'm not entirely superstitious, I can't help but feel like our potential home could be bad luck.

Please tell me I'm nuts.


  1. In Japan when people buy new cars they have them blessed... maybe you should have your Mazda blessed... and the house, too, just for good measure.

  2. I like the way you think! When we first purchased the car we bought a maneki neko with the left paw up, but looking back I think it has everything to do with financial fortune and perhaps nothing to do with physical safety.

    One of my friends (who is a fantastic tarot reader- seriously!) has offered to sage the house. While I'm at it I may let her at the car too. :|