Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Car Named Jinx

Jinx. My little Jinx... There has never been a better name for a car.

So as you remember, our little brand new Mazda 2 was rear-ended a couple of weeks back at a stop light. Thankfully, the person who hit us was very kind and responsible, and has been nothing but amicable during the repair process.

I dropped off my car at the best auto shop we could find, and the car was scheduled for a two day repair. It was due to be finished on Tuesday. At around 4pm, I received a call from someone at the shop:

"Hello, Julie? You know how your car was slated to be finished today? Well... it was ready, but someone hit it in the parking lot."

Seriously? Seriously.

Apparently, the receptionist noticed an SUV pulling in next to my car, then backing out and driving off. Finding that odd, she went out, and noticed a brand new scrape along the whole back panel on the driver's side.

Thankfully, they're fixing it for free. But I can't help but wonder if buying a brand new car is simply asking for trouble. I'm not sure what it is about my Mazda2- it's so small, I figured it was a smaller target for people to hit, and that the odds would be in my favor.

We brought the car home on February 1st. This is what has happened thus far:
  • Two cars involved in a serious collision in front of us (thankfully, proper following distance saved us from being a participant)
  • Rear-ended at a stop light.
  • Someone parked too close to us and knocked off about 2 inches of paint from the driver's side door. SUV height- go figure.
  • Hit and run, with the back panel scraped up and dented in.
It. Hasn't. Even. Been. Two. Months.

What breaks my heart is that I love this car. This has been, by far, the most enjoyable car I've ever driven. It's the perfect fit for us. But I don't think I can take getting hit on a regular basis.


  1. Seriously, car exorcism followed by car blessing!

  2. Absolutely! And a sage treatment!