Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Car Hunting Spree

After three days of haggling and bartering and playing the car dealership game, we drove home in this:

My very own 2011 Mazda2 Touring.

We got a fantastic deal, and at 0.9% financing, our payments are less than what we were paying for the car I never really wanted. It drives like a growly go-kart. I couldn't be happier!


  1. YAY! You should name it Smiles or Miles!

  2. Hahah, the name Miles came up yesterday! Great minds think alike!

    We're also considering "Spree."

  3. Shiny! My vote is for naming it Skittle!

  4. Skittle is a great name! It totally looks like a skittle, too. Btw, I'm bummed your blog has disappeared into the abyss!

  5. Exactly! It looks like a skittle plus I think "skittle" sounds like something a small car would do.

    Oh, the blog will be back! I'm just doing some maintenance and my head cold has slowed down my progress...

  6. So we've got Spree, Skittle, Miles, and Pepper thus far. Haven't wrecked it yet, either!

    You poor thing! Hope you recover soon! And may no one else in your household get it!

    Good luck with the maintenance! I had a couple of new wallpapers I was going to try today and ended up spending nearly the entire day dealing with hosting services instead.. UARGH. It's amazing how a single act of goodwill (designing a site for someone for free) could cost so much freaking money...