Thursday, January 27, 2011

Family Ties

Every single day for the last week has been a bit insane. We were blessed to have my husband's father in town, so it has been a lot of driving and adventuring and eating. I gained three pounds in a week. Seriously. In other words, it has been awesome.

We attended a Belgian beer festival on Saturday- and we couldn't have had a better time. My brother came up to visit (his second time in the four years we've lived here), so the four of us ventured off to try all sorts of delicious brews. I took one for the team and decided on being the designated driver- and it was a blast, even sober. The few beers I did try were phenomenal - Rogue's Menage-a-Frog was a favorite, as well as Georgetown Brewing Co's Braggot.

On Sunday we drove down to a gun show. Honestly I was a little apprehensive, as I had never been to one of these events.. and I was hesitant to walk in the door as a female non-conservative... but I was pleasantly surprised by how nice everyone was to me. I was a bit blown away by how many people tried to sell me a pink gun though. Just because I am a woman does not make me prone to buy a crappy pepto-bismal colored firearm, just so you know.

While the hubs was away working his crazy hours, we also took a drive to my hometown (We drove by your house, Mrs. M, and I waved for memory's sake!). I sometimes miss living in Sequim, I really do.. but I don't know if I could live so far away from Seattle. I'm starting to get attached to the niceties that we have here.

So it's been a very full and wonderful week.. and I'm so sad that my father-in-law is back down in Vancouver. I am thrilled that we have him in Washington at all though. I think it's especially good for my husband to spend as much time with his father as possible. We all know how short life is, and you never know how long we have with the ones we love.

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